Brian Stelter seems upset that Maria Bartiromo blocked him on Twitter. So upset in fact that he took to the public timeline to complain …

OR maybe she’s sick and tired of whiny tweets like this one, Brian. Just spitballin’.

And then his buddy Joy Reid hopped in to ‘gossip’ with him about Maria.

This almost reads like a scene from ‘Mean Girls.’ Gossipy snots.

And please, like Joy has ANY room to talk about someone being a cultist.



The comments on this thread are just awful, most of them accusing Maria of being ‘bought and paid for’ …

Which is hilarious when you realize these same people watch Joy Reid and Brian Stelter.

For example:

Speaking of class.

You know what else is childish? Bitching about someone blocking you on Twitter.

Lookin’ at you, Brian.


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