As Twitchy readers know, last night Clinton minion Philippe Reines attacked Senator Gillibrand for saying Bill Clinton should have resigned over the Lewinsky scandal. Because how DARE a Democrat speak unkindly (or honestly) about one of their Kings, right?

Notice all of the responses to Reines’ tweet … also notice all of the fav’s.

Sad, but not all that surprising considering the horrible press the Clintons have been receiving this week. We can’t help but notice the convenient timing of all of the negative press, being that they’re no longer politically valuable, but maybe it’s better late than never?

Maybe? Hrm.

Out of all the responses to Reines, our favorite was from Mary Katharine Ham, whose one-tweet slam he will likely feel at least up until Thanksgiving day.

Have some dignity.

We’re not entirely sure he knows what dignity is, after all, he did work with Hillary Clinton.

Clinton does indeed.

It’s almost creepy (see Peter Daou).

Psh, silly you.


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