The lengths some people are willing to go to in order to defend Al Franken …

Huh. So because she is a Playboy model and has been on Howard Stern that apparently means what? That she doesn’t count? Oh and please with that last line, ‘… she was on USO tour as part of a comedy skit so that she could be groped.’

Sadly this oddly angry meteorologist wasn’t the only one playing the ‘her skirt was too short’ game with Leeann Tweeden, but this is certainly one of the uglier tweets we’ve seen on Twitter.

And we follow Chelsea Handler.

Oh well, that changes everything.

These people.

At this point, he has not.

Dude is obsessed with Hannity.


And he tried again.

See a pattern yet?

We beg to differ.

But he’s rolling.

Seems there is this unwritten rule about bikini models who go on Sean Hannity.

Who knew?

The US Senator is still a comedian. Just sayin’. And that doesn’t make a damn bit of difference with whether or not Franken acted inappropriately.

Oh, and this editor may have engaged him a bit … he got so mad.

So mad he seemed to have trouble spelling the f-word.

You would think after all of these interactions he MIGHT figure out that what he said was either worded very poorly or just outright wrong.

But nope.

Gotta love Twitter.