Pretty sure we know what’s on Chelsea Clinton’s Christmas list this year.


Barbie’s breaking barriers! Ibtihaj Muhammad was the first-ever U.S. Olympic athlete to compete wearing a hijab at the 2016 Rio Olympic games. And now she has her very own Barbie — the first to ever wear a hijab in the brand’s 58-year history.

A one-of-a-kind doll made in her likeness was unveiled at Glamour’s Women of the Year Live Summit Monday, as the latest doll in Barbie’s “Shero” line (that would be female heroes), a program that celebrates boundary-breaking women intended to inspire the next generation.

Alrighty then.


Ho ho ho?


But diversity and stuff.

Hey, we didn’t say it.

We laughed at it, but we didn’t say it.

This didn’t go much better for Chelsea …

And these were the NICER replies.

Of course.


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