Seems Hari Kondabolu is a tad upset with the pushback he and the documentary, ‘The Problem With Apu,’ have been receiving (note, we wouldn’t have used the word snowflake in the headline because it’s overdone BUT this tweet was just begging for it):


Dude even went full caps lock – sheesh.

Full transparency, the editor of this piece had never heard of Hari Kondabolu until he threw this temper tantrum over the reaction his politically correct documentary is receiving. When will ‘comedians’ figure out Americans are tired of being lectured about what they think or say, and inevitably these sorts of documentaries are going to go over like a stale piece of naan?

But Apu!

One guess.


Oh man …


This went well, eh Hari?


SJWs gotta ruin everything, don’t they?


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