And these people wonder why they lost in 2016.

Jesus loves him … the rest of us think he sucks though.

Looking at Hemant’s bio, it would appear he considers himself a ‘friendly atheist,’ but really he just comes across as a smug anti-theist who’s looking for clicks to fund his work. It’s obvious by the Patreon link in his bio.

Sadly it looks like his work is just trolling:

Yikes. But fair.

Would appear Twitter loves verifying horrible people as long as their politics and ideas are of the right bluish tint.

Fair point. Maybe we should take his tweet apart one line at a time … let’s see:

  • Republicans are the party of sexual harassment – Bill Clinton, John Edwards, Ted Kennedy and Anthony Weiner are Republicans? Hrm.
  • White supremacy – Hemant desperately needs to read the history of white supremacy and which party truly owns it.
  • Forced birth – Dafuq is forced birth?
  • Cruel deportation – Yes, sending criminals back to their home countries is super cruel.

You know what, we’ll be here all day going through this spew point-by-point, let’s just say it’s all a bunch of horse crap and be done with it.


And that’s the real kicker here, the Left has yet to figure out this sort of behavior is only going to give Trump a second term.

So hey, Donald says thanks, Hemant.


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