Ever since the Obama administration pushed ‘Pajama Boy’ in their propaganda to encourage family members to annoy one another with politics during the Holiday season, leftist rags like Salon have been doing their part to alienate families as well.

Because nothing says family and ‘giving thanks’ like a BS article written about a nonexistent crazy uncle who wears tinfoil on their head and a Trump t-shirt at the dinner table on Thanksgiving.

Case in point:

From Salon: (saved you the click, you’re welcome)

Keylock also shared advice for those of us with Trump supporters in our families as the holidays approach. “Empathy takes a massive amount of courage, even though it’s considered a soft skill. We have to be vulnerable, be ready to let go. You have to listen to what somebody is saying. That doesn’t mean accept it blindly, but you learn nothing from talking and everything from listening. All people’s stories matter.

“Go in, open your ears, watch your tone. Then tell them your story. A lot of these conversations are bred from fear and ignorance. That turns into hate later. But empathy is about being vulnerable and courageous, and listening and being present. Those are leadership skills. If you can’t do that, how can you lead your conversation forward?”

Also: “Breathe, meditate.”

Breathe. Meditate.


Oh, but the author left out one really important piece of advice:

All damn day.

Grow up already.

We really need to write a piece about dealing with insufferable SJWs at the Thanksgiving table … true story.

This was clearly written for people who believe Trump’s administration is literally The Handmaid’s Tale … and who are literally shaking.

Seems pretty simple.

This word-for-word describes Salon, in fact, it may eventually be their official tagline.

It’s really just that simple folks.


Oh honey.’ SJW who clearly hasn’t read Handmaid’s Tale gets LEVELED for making THIS claim