GQ chose Colin Kaepernick as their ‘Citizen of the Year.’


From GQ:

Though Colin Kaepernick continues his silent protest, he agreed to collaborate with GQ on a special project for our December Men of the Year issue in an effort to, as the piece explains, “reclaim the narrative of his protest.” He helped us assemble a ten-person team of his closest confidants—including rapper J.Cole, director Ava DuVernay, activist Harry Belafonte, and Women’s March co-organizer Linda Sarsour—to speak on the subjects of activism, protest, and equality, and to offer some rare insights into Colin Kaepernick himself.

His protest is silent because he doesn’t have a job. Just sayin’.

Many people in social media disapproved of GQ‘s choice, mainly because his protest has been less than meaningful:

Remember this accessory, GQ?

We do.

Truth hurts.

Good point. Kaep’s threads on the cover are pretty damn slick … too bad the actual context for the photo is a complete joke.

Citizen of sitting on the couch on game day? Just spitballin’.

And wearing colorful socks.

Fair point. Subscribers to GQ may well support the idea of an unemployed has-been QB being of any sort of civic importance.


Should be, but they won’t be.

Oh, and speaking of someone who should be embarrassed and ashamed, check out race-baiter Tariq Nasheed’s response to those who are troubled with GQ‘s choice:

Wonder if he realizes what a parody he’s made of himself?

Probably not.

And he’d probably call us white supremacists for asking.


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