Chelsea Handler and basically anyone and everyone in Hollywood should probably STFU when it comes to making commentary on sexual abuse allegations. Forget that basically every day we see brand new charges from or about someone in Hollywood, but for Democrats to pretend they didn’t elect a predator? Give us a break.

Just imagine.

Gosh, who would have any idea about how that might feel …

Oh yeah:

BOOM. Juanita dropped the hammer … twice.

And no, Chelsea did not want to go there.

She seems to conveniently forgetful about Bill Clinton, like most people on the Left.

Smile for the camera, Chelsea.


Ooh, ooh, we know.

They keep forgetting about ol’ Menendez as well.

Adorbs, right?

What message was sent to young girls when Hillary Clinton stayed with her husband after he was accused of rape and then years later when he very publicly cheated on her … in front of the whole world?

Imagine that, Chelsea.


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