There has been a lot of back-and-forth between people of all political ideals since the news broke yesterday that Judge Roy Moore had been accused of trying to initiate sexual encounters with minors. And with the tense political climate, it’s tough to really wrap your mind around what is real and what is political theatre.

Luckily for us, Guy Benson spent a few tweets summing it all up:

Fair points.

The timing of the accusations does seem awfully convenient.

Also true. And the fact the main accuser is a Trump voter is intriguing, to say the least.

Why would she deliberately go after and lie about a Republican if she is one?

Yes. Whether or not you believe the accusations against Moore, the way some people have chosen to defend him is repugnant. People claiming that it was ‘different’ 40 years ago especially in Alabama and that somehow a 14-year-old can give consent …

Stop it.

No amount of political power is worth that.


ON-THE-RECORD: Roy Moore accused of initiating ‘sexual encounter’ with 14-year-old, 3 other teens; Judge denies

‘What a piece of SH*T’! Is there a more SHAMEFUL defense of Roy Moore than THIS?