Hate to break this to Cecile Richards, who was super stoked that Northam won Virginia, but Democrats winning a blue state isn’t really a clean sweep. But hey, she was rolling …

Guessing she missed that Latino Victory Fund ad that portrayed Republicans trying to run down minority children. Then again considering where she works, maybe the idea of killing minority children didn’t bother her all that much.

Yeah, that was mean but man, this editor is ticked off.

And who paid for that, Cecile? Can’t help but notice you didn’t say, volunteers, you said supporters. And where did the money for those 850 events come from? Taxpayers shouldn’t foot the bill for these things, but through magical accounting, you can claim they didn’t.

But we know better.

How f’ing disgusting does someone have to be to claim people who advocate for infanticide are champions.

Ghouls will be ghouls.

Kill ALL the babies, right Cecile?

No such thing as reproductive rights, but you be you.

They celebrated using our tax dollars to campaign for a Democrat in a blue state.


Oh, and b*tch please with claiming Gillespie was running a divisive campaign filled with fear:

*eye roll*

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