You gotta give it to Donna Brazile, it was pretty ballsy to go on with Tucker Carlson to market her book … err … to answer questions about the things she wrote in her book. Of course, being that it WAS Tucker Carlson, it didn’t go so well for Ms. Brazile.


She wanted to write this book to tell HER story.


Because she’s a Democrat, Tucker.


Then why did she only give the questions to Hillary? She would have been better off saying she didn’t want HILLARY to be blindsided. And c’mon, that’s what debates are really all about, seeing how the candidates react to questions on their feet.

Doubt she’ll be hearing from Hillary anytime soon.

Or will she? Yikes.

If she hasn’t spoken to Hillary since February how does she know what she’s been doing?

Wow, Donna is REALLY trying to cover her arse here … and it’s not going so hot.

But hey, the book is selling.


‘The whole story stank’: Donna Brazile contradicts her own book on Hillary’s illness