We’re still looking for someone to decipher the level of stupid that comes out of Andy Richter’s mouth about most any subject; we have yet to meet anyone quite as fluent in DERP as he is.

Especially when it comes to guns …

Oh, sweet baby corn.

Which proves those strict gun laws DON’T WORK, but keep going.

Keyword ILLEGALLY, genius.

Ummm … no.

Only if the government enters the information in the first place though does it really matter, right Andy? See Devin Kelley.

Background checks are already the law, chief.

And it’s hardly paranoid NOT to want your government making decisions about your rights that you’re unaware of … Hollywood.

You know, this wouldn’t be so damn annoying if these elites actually knew what they were talking about.

They don’t.

Uh oh, not a graph!

Right? You can just go down to your local Wawa and pick up a gun. Sure.


Andy Andy Andy, we’re embarrassed for you.

While laughing at you.

Cult disinformation would be the gun control lunatics, but thanks for playing.



Shhh … he’s rolling.