Dan Rather complaining about Trump and claiming it’s ‘never been this bad’ is sort of like Jeffrey Dahmer complaining that people eat too much fast food these days.

From Salon (yeah, we know, sorry):

What’s missing from the presidency today is “nobility,” Rather said. “Our great presidents, the best presidents,” he added, “Washington, Lincoln, Teddy Rosevelt, right on through, had a certain noble approach to the office, which we have zero of that now.”

Rather, who says calls himself an “optimist by nature,” remains hopeful that America will get through these dark times. “While we’re in an extremely difficult period now, a perilous time for the country,” he said, “we need to remind ourselves, we’ve come through a lot worse before.”

Dan is probably the LAST person who should be complaining about nobility.

He’s clueless.

Or he thinks we’re clueless and don’t remember that he’s a joke.

Yup, the one and only.

Seems that Salon does, and we do but only because we want to make fun of him. #Winning

Question. So if fake news Salon reports on fake news Dan Rather, does that make this somehow true? Sort of like how a negative times a negative equals a positive? No?



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