Piers Morgan picked a fight with WWE announcer Corey Graves because apparently, he hurt his feelers during a broadcast. And honestly, we are so GLAD he did because it’s super rare for an editor to have the chance to write about politics AND wrestling.

Check it out:

Piers probably should have done some research on Corey before opening his big mouth.

And yes, he is actually pretty damn good at his job; he started announcing with NXT and was promoted to the main roster with RAW.  You’ll see why with how he responded to Piers.


And not just England.

Nice try, Piers. But … no.


From the WWE:

If you were listening closely on Raw, you might have heard Corey Graves refer to WWE Cruiserweight Champion Enzo Amore as “the only guy who might be less liked in England than Piers Morgan.” Piers Morgan was listening. The firebrand social commentator immediately took to Twitter to drag Graves for the dig, and The Savior of Misbehavior responded in kind.

D’awww, poor Piers.

Love. This.


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