No wonder the Dems are so desperate to blame the NRA.

From The Right Scoop:

Not only did the Air Force fail to comply with gun laws, but the Democrats actually filibustered legislation that he sponsored that would have forced them to comply with the law which might have prevented this massacre from happening.

It’s especially frustrating when, as Cruz points out, that Kelley had both a domestic violence conviction as well as a 12-month sentence that would have prevented Academy from selling him that Ruger in 2016.

So you morons blaming the NRA can STFU now, thanks.


Hey, if they want to play the blame game we can too.


Psst … it’s called due process.

Honestly, the rest of the tweets on this thread are from frothy-mouthed, shaky-fisted, whiny Democrats who are pissed that Cruz called out the people actually responsible for the fail in Texas, and that is the Federal Government.

By way of the Democrats.

Yay big gov.


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