Donna Brazile’s upcoming tell-all seems to be going about as well as could be expected, for Republicans. What a shiznit show with the DNC and the Clintons if even 10% of what she reportedly wrote is true. And considering the number of people on the Left telling anyone who will listen that they shouldn’t pay attention to Brazile’s book, many are already lining up to order it (full transparency, this editor’s Kindle will download it automatically on Tuesday).

We’re going to guess they would especially dislike the tidbit Matt Drudge tweeted about:

Drudge even used an emoji, people, so you KNOW this is serious.

Wow, if true.

It seems like we say that a lot these days …

We can’t decide if Donna is really that willing to stab Hillary Clinton in the back OR if this is simply the most brilliant marketing campaign EVER for a book. Many on the Right are clamoring to buy it … capitalism for the win!


And even if she wrote it, is it true?

Who knows.

But it’s selling books.

Something indeed and whatever it is, it ain’t good.


HRMMM, John Podesta’s last few tweets seem sorta … tense. Gosh, wonder why?

Book critic Nate Silver’s already written off the rest of Donna Brazile’s self-serving BS