With rumors floating around that Tony Podesta has actually been arrested (we can’t confirm this so we are not reporting it at this point), it’s no wonder John Podesta seemed a little … tense in his last few tweets from four days ago.

Talk about a guy throwing himself a SERIOUS pity party:

John, we all know you basically clicked a link you shouldn’t have in an email. You were really only a victim to your own stupidity, but you be you.

We thought it was Mueller who was doing the investigating, not Trump. And speaking of Trump, Podesta was doing all he could to deflect from himself (and his bro) with this three-tweet rant.

Huh, we haven’t noticed Trump being more worried about Russia … let’s be honest, during the election Trump’s campaign was always trying to clarify something he said. Old news, John but nice try.

Oh, and this is our favorite of his seemingly unhinged mini-tantrum:

Because only PIZZAGATE CRAZIES and Alex Jones are questioning what really happened with Hillary, the DNC, the Podesta Brothers and Russia.

Keep telling yourself that, John.


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