It’s so cute how Sally Yates pretends to care about the law … now. Maybe she missed it when the Obama administration weaponized the IRS to go after Conservative groups? And really, the DOJ still seems to be protecting some of Obama’s friends (but maybe not for long).

Because it’s been going on for at least the last eight years.

And boom. How typical for a Leftist like Sally to remain silent while her ‘team’ is in the White House; it’s hard to take her seriously. Then again do we really take any Leftist seriously?

No big whoop.

Holder was as bad as anybody.

If not worse.

Sleeping with the rest of these other suddenly WOKE folks.



‘Now, THAT is news’! Is Drudge TRYING to break the Internet with this tweet on Donna Brazile?

HRMMM, John Podesta’s last few tweets seem sorta … tense. Gosh, wonder why?