You know the feeling you get when you come across something super gross on Twitter and it makes you do that all-over body shiver? Like stumbling upon a photo of a bikini-clad body with Hillary’s head superimposed on it?

That’s what happens when we read this sample from NYT journo David Brook’s piece on sex:

Maybe sex is one of those topics David should avoid writing about? Just sayin’.

And seriously, if we go our whole lives without ever thinking about David writing the words, ‘Girl I want your body,’ it will be too soon.

It would appear so.

Journalism, YAY!

God, please don’t.

If we have to look at it SO DO YOU.

Dude, right?

What, the line about sex being a gold nugget doesn’t qualify for one of the worst visuals ever conjured?

No words.

EXCELLENT question.


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