Jenna Jameson DARED to have an opinion on Playboy picking the first ever trans-woman for their Playmate.

It would be different if this felt sincere, that Playboy actually believed men (and women) will buy the magazine because she’s just another hot Playmate. Instead, this honestly feels a good deal like they’re just pandering to the PC crowd.

Here we go:

Let us know when Playgirl puts a trans-man on their cover.

Wait, maybe don’t let us know.

Never fails with these people. Every time the Left disagrees with Jenna Jameson they make the grossest, most sexist and vile comments to her. And all because she doesn’t agree with a man being the Playmate for Playgirl.

And sorry, many people still think that’s a man.

She’s a better sport than we would be.

We do.

See what we mean? These people are disgusting.

Every time.

What was transphobic about anything Jenna said?

Labeling everything a phobia is the new ‘let’s call everyone racist who doesn’t agree with us’ mantra of the Left.

Gender Advocates.



Jenna gets it.

She’s not being judgmental.

SJWs. Psh.


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