Seems the Left has FINALLY figured out that calling everyone you disagree with a ‘racist’ doesn’t win elections. Sadly their new go-to seems to take that level of stupid and put it on steroids, especially if what this ‘Professor Fleming’ says is a new mantra for progressives.

Ok. So if someone says they condemn white supremacy that means they’re a white supremacist? With that logic, if someone says ‘dude, white supremacy is rad’ does that mean they’re not a white supremacist?

Asking for a friend.


No no no, breathing is what white supremacists do.

Wait, what? Well, this is just confusing.


Because if SO she’s totally a white supremacist.

Thinking she may not have fully thought this one through.

They do seem to be losing their minds as a whole.

We just hope she didn’t condemn white supremacy because you know what THAT means.

Yeah, we got nothin’.


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