John Kelly’s speech yesterday about losing his son and serving this country caused two reactions. Most sane, rational Americans were moved by his words and his willingness to share. Sadly though, not-so-sane and irrational Americans got all butthurt over his words (or made really stupid comments, looking at you Wilson), and took to Twitter to bash Kelly.

None did it quite so obnoxiously though as activist and blue-check nobody Zack Kopplin:

Clearly Zack didn’t understand what Kelly was actually saying, or he wouldn’t be so absolutely offended.

Sure, because journalists and nonprofit staffers are killed in the line of duty every day.

This guy must have eaten a ton of paint chips as a child.

Oh boo hoo. Pretty sure Zack has NO IDEA what selfless service really looks like.

And he didn’t like the reaction he received for this mini-rant, so he blocked most of Twitter.

He even blocked Twitchy.

So you know we HAD to SACRIFICE and write about him.


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