Well this got our attention:

And when we went to check it out, we found this tweetstorm of sorts which has a few high points and several low points, but is definitely worth a Twitchy.





Poor Hillary.

*eye roll*


Whoops … and he was doing so well until this point.

OH BS. Harvey has been sexually assaulting women for DECADES, and Bill Clinton has yet to truly be punished for his ‘transgressions.’ Damn Michael, and we had such high hopes when we saw the first few tweets.


Ya’ think?

Yes, Democrats have f*cked up the country. Thanks for admitting it.

Michael is officially talking out of both sides of his mouth now.

Ahem, look up at the rest of this thread, dude.

And he was SO CLOSE!

What a whirlwind!

Guess we should just be glad he acknowledges there is an issue with Democrats, even if he trashed Republicans along the way. Hey, at least he didn’t blame the NRA or something …


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