Ted Cruz is right.

The DNC should absolutely return Weinstein’s dirty hush money, but we know they won’t. They’ve clearly known for years what a despicable pig Harvey is, and yet allowed him to be a mouthpiece for their party; in fact many of them even called him the ‘liberal kingmaker.’

So Ted Cruz is absolutely right to question the DNC and the Clinton Foundation for keeping the dirty money. And you know how we know he’s right? Because this blue check SJW tweeted the worst ‘whataboutism’ we’ve seen YET:


Oh sweet baby corn.

These people act like the NRA was up there pulling the trigger.

And seriously, why would she even defend the DNC and Harvey Weinstein? We thought the Left cared about women.

SJWs gonna SJW.

They weren’t but this is the best argument many of these folks have … well that and BUUUUT TRUUUUUMP.


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