It’s starting to look like not only did Hollywood know that Harvey Weinstein was a sexual predator but that many in Hollywood were working overtime to enable his behavior and protect him.

Take for example the CAA, Creative Artists Agency, banned Courtney Love Cobain for speaking out against Weinstein in 2005:

From TMZ:

We found this video — circa 2005 — from the red carpet event for the Pamela Anderson Comedy Central Roast.

Courtney Love is asked by Natasha Leggero if she has advice for young women trying to make it in Hollywood. She hesitates — fearing what she says could land her in court — but then goes for it, warning women to decline an invite from Weinstein at a swanky Bev Hills hotel.

And while it didn’t land her in court, this comment did get her banned by one of the most influential talent agencies in Los Angeles, CA.

Stay classy Hollywood.

They all knew.

Who knows how many people could have been saved if Hollywood hadn’t enabled people like Weinstein and punished those for speaking out.

America’s moral compass our FOOT.


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