Oh boo hoo, seems Harvey Weinstein isn’t doing so hot after allegations came out last week that he’s been sexually harassing and assaulting women and houseplants for decades.

Sorry, that houseplant joke never gets old.

From Sky News:

LAPD said they had received reports of a “disturbance” but left because there was no crime and it was a “family dispute”.

Outside the West Hollywood property, Weinstein said: “I’m not doing okay, I’m trying – gotta get help. You know what? We all make mistakes.”

The 65-year-old also said he hoped he would get “a second chance” – as more women added to the avalanche of claims of sexual assault and inappropriate behaviour against him.

Second chance?

Bitch please.

Willing to bet NONE of them think he deserves a second chance.

What he said.

Fair enough.

Not sensing a ton of sympathy for the ‘liberal kingmaker.’

Too bad, so sad.


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