NOW somebody’s gone and done it:

It’s true, Anthony Bourdain tinkered around in the Twitter kitchen until he discovered the recipe for major Dem backlash:

And a little later:

Former Hillary Clinton campaign spokesman Brian Fallon responded with an eloquent defense of the 2016 Dem nominee. Just kidding:

That’s “the jerk store called…” of culinary comebacks.

Clinton adviser Adam Parkhomenko also slammed Bourdain:

Hillary’s spokesman Nick Merrill weighed in:

And they weren’t the only Clinton supporters/defenders not happy with Bourdain’s comments about Hillary and Harvey Weinstein:



Anthony Bourdain won’t have anything to do with chefs who work here (Hint: Steamed about Trump)

BOOM! Anthony Bourdain drops TRUTH-BOMB on elite Left and their ‘contempt of the working class’

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