The host of CNN’s “Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown” has had pleasant meetings with politicians such as Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama, but Bourdain has disdain for the U.S. president-elect. As a matter of fact, Bourdain doesn’t even want anything to do with chefs who work in Trump-owned hotels and won’t feature any of them on his show:

From the AP:

Bourdain tells foodie-focused website, Eater , that he will never eat in restaurateur Alessandro Borgognone’s new sushi restaurant at Trump’s hotel, adding that he has “utter and complete contempt” for Borgognone.

He also took a shot at another chef, David Burke, for taking over Jose Andres’ planned restaurant at the hotel after Andres pulled out in protest of Trump’s comments about Mexican immigrants.

But don’t call it a “boycott”:

Sounds like a boycott.

Editor’s note: The title has been updated to add a missing word.