If you want to see the most bizarre SJW accounts on Twitter, just stop by William Shatner’s timeline because inevitably there will be at least a few shuffling around, throwing unicorn dust at the legend and pretending his mere existence oppresses them.

What can we say? SJW is gonna sjw.

And see, we told you.

Seems he didn’t attack her; we looked at his timeline and can’t find anything NOR can we find anything on her timeline. Of course pointing this out to her would somehow be oppression so we totally stayed out of it.

Twitter locking Rose McGowan seems to have empowered the unicorn ranchers aka SJWs to try and silence other blue checks. How fascist of them. Luckily James T. Kirk isn’t exactly intimidated by the crazy.

How idiotic is she? This a trick question?

Which is basically how EVERY SJW behaves.

Seems two can play at this reporting game.

As Spock would say, this wasn’t logical, silly SJW.


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