Get ’em, Kennedy.

Kinda sorta totally love the line about ‘sitting on their manicured hands’ – it perfectly illustrates the elitist attitude in Hollywood that may well be its eventual downfall.

Gay Conservative nuns would make for a fascinating documentary, just sayin’.

Where is the honor in coming out with these allegations AFTER Weinstein has already been exposed? (sorry, bad phrasing)

Oh and the ‘whataboutism’ on this thread is just painful:

Right? Because that makes what Weinstein did ok. Sure.

Down with the man!

Oh give us a break.

Victim shaming. Fascinating.

Does she mean like the way Hillary Clinton worked to destroy the women he husband assaulted? That sort of victim shaming?

Asking for a friend.


Oh NO he di’int! Weinstein 6-word quote from ’09 is EVERYTHING wrong with Hollywood

HA! Jon Gabriel ZINGS Hillary for claim she will give Weinstein campaign donations to charity