We’ve had a lot of, ‘You’ve gotta be sh*tting us’ moments over the past week as more and more details of the Harvey Weinstein (and now Ben Affleck) story emerged. From allegedly hugging actresses in his underwear to violating innocent houseplants, Weinstein has become a cruel joke and an inconvenient reminder for the Left about the ugliness in Hollywood.

So you can IMAGINE how hard our heads hit the desk this morning when we saw this Weinstein quote from 2009:

See?! Admit it, you thought to yourself, “You’ve gotta be sh*tting me.”

Hollywood has the best moral compass.

Just. Wow.

How many houseplants have to suffer, eh Harvey?!

Seems like a lot of people were more than happy to keep that whole truth to power silenced to protect their careers.

Oh, and FYI Harvey also took credit for saving people after 9/11 and Katrina.

What a sweetheart.


This old quote from anti-Trump Meryl Streep praising Harvey Weinstein might be the sickest one yet