This is just embarrassing.

We get it Alyssa, you don’t like Donald Trump but c’mon, we all know you’re making money from selling NFL merchandise, do you really expect us to take you seriously about #TakeTheKnee?

Yes, in solidarity … now buy her NFL shirt.

She retweeted this … so if people don’t kneel during the National Anthem they’re racists?

Oh the stupid burns.

Be sure to check out her HSN store!

Oh and guess she figured out that Americans might turn the NFL off today, and after all of this nonsense who would blame them.

If ratings are down, merchandise won’t sell. Convenient.

Wonder if she realizes the bulk of people she’s asking to watch the NFL today actually don’t like sports or football very much.


HAAAAA. She’s nonpartisan and stuff guys.

That’s a bummer for someone like Alyssa who needs people to buy her NFL merch.

In other words, Stuart here doesn’t like football.

We told her.


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