Each and every time the Left gets their underthings wadded and bunched, you can be sure the Sean Spicer parody (@sean_spicier) is front and center mocking and enraging them all.

We gave up months ago trying to figure out why these perpetually pissy people don’t notice he’s not the real Sean Spicer, and now we just sit and laugh at their mockery.

And of course this nonsense with the NFL and #TakeTheKnee didn’t go unnoticed by our favorite parody account:

Why are they so upset? Ain’t like Kaep is actually playing today …

You know Ryan thought this was a real zinger.


Oh man, this one will freak ’em all out.



Wonder if she realized she’s talking smack to a parody?

We’re gonna guess she didn’t.

So much OUTRAGE! Look at all those exclamation points!!!!


Russia Russia Russia!


Even if you’re not a Trump fan you have to admit this level of stupid is painful.

Oh DJ Obsession … yikes dude.

You know what? Yikes in general.


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