Oh look, Lauren Duca proved third-wave feminism is awful … again.

Seems she took issue with this panel on Fox News discussing white supremacy; because apparently white people shouldn’t have an opinion on such things.

Forget that her tweet is incredibly racist and sexist (baby powder for Tomi), but it’s just silly for her to attack Fox News for their interviews considering they interviewed HER too.

Was that because they didn’t get the diversity memo? Lauren is white, right?

We love this photo of Duca with the Fox News banner – she looks like a deer caught in headlights.

Crazy eyes.

Pretty sure most feminists spend a good deal of time being catty and jealous – it may well be one of their defining characteristics.

Oh and FYI, the Left is gross:

But hey, making sexist and vile comments about these women is ok since they’re evil Republicans, right Lauren?

Feminism is awful.


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