Chairman of The Democratic Coalition, former National Finance Chair under Joe Biden and Campaign Chair for Obama, Jon Cooper, took it upon himself to target and bully Sarah Huckabee Sanders on Twitter yesterday.

For example, this is his pinned tweet:

But that’s nothing compared to the photo he posted claiming it was Sarah as a teenager.

Seems Busy Philipps didn’t appreciate his using her likeness to harass Trump’s press secretary:

Maybe don’t mess with Busy Philipps?

Just sayin’.

Why would he take it back? He’s being an ass because he thinks this will score points with Democrats.

He was wrong.

Oh and he did try to apologize … EL OH EL.

But not to Sarah, whom he was target-harassing on Twitter.

He also blamed Google:


Ummm that’s even creepier, Jon. You were searching for photos of ‘teenage Sarah Huckabee’?

But Google!

Dude, delete your account.