As Twitchy readers know, Tariq Nasheed said some pretty stupid shiznit about Ben Shapiro being a fake Jew. Pretty sure Tariq was trolling for attention (and hoping to gain fame of any kind) by harassing Ben; guess when you’re desperate for attention you’ll take good OR bad.

Case in point:

Twitter EXPLODED with people defending Ben and slamming Tariq, but nobody schooled him quite as well as Patricia Heaton.

We so love her. And we love the idea of her inviting Ben Shapiro TO HER HOUSE for dinner.

Careful Tariq, your ‘triggering’ is showing.

And dude just walk away. You’ve embarrassed yourself enough for one night.

Poor John. Heh.

Technically she didn’t argue with him, she shut him down.

Thinking we all want an invite to dinner now.


Wait, WHAT!? Tariq Nasheed’s take on how Ben Shapiro ‘masks racist rhetoric’ sends heads to desks