Because we’re sure the first thing that went through Dreamers’ minds today when they learned the Trump administration was ending DACA was, “OMG, this will stop me from getting an abortion!”

Only NARAL … well and Planned Parenthood, but honestly these days they seem like one and the same to us:

You know what else allows these folks to pursue their education and access healthcare without fear of deportation?

Being here LEGALLY.

Actually what put them at risk was Obama’s lazy way of dealing with this issue in the first place, but whatevs.

There is nothing backwards about having laws for entering a country legally. If NARAL really wants to fix the problem they should be supporting Trump in removing sloppy laws and helping Congress to actually reform our immigration system.

You know, do more, tweet less.

Leave it to NARAL to make DACA about abortion.

*eye roll*

And they wonder why so few of us take them seriously.


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