We realize there is a time and a place on Twitter for a good ‘quote-tweet’; it’s an easy way to engage your followers with tweets or topics one feels should be shared. However when people use them as a means to troll and attack those who disagree with them, it seems childish, almost as if they’re taking cheap shots at people.

The way Chris Cuomo uses them, for example:

So instead of answering her, he quote-tweeted her and made a comment, which allowed his followers to target and go after her.

It’s really all he does.

He did it again.

And again.

See a pattern?

Stand firm? EL OH EL.

Alrighty then, Chris.

No, this was about Trump keeping a campaign promise that GOT HIM ELECTED, which would mean he’s doing what the people wanted. Remember what Obama said? Elections have consequences.

Do better.

Perhaps Cuomo should take his own advice.


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