Maybe we’re not giving Democrats enough credit; seems many of them are starting to wonder WHY their elected officials didn’t do more to protect these Dreamers while they had a majority.

For example, Kamala Harris was front and center on Twitter making sure Dreamers knew ‘she sees them.’

Because that’s clearly what they’re all worried about, being seen:

But you did nothing when you had the opportunity for many, many years.

Tell them another one, Kamala.

Ending the band-aid that Obama slapped onto illegal immigration is not cruel, the program itself was. It was a lazy way to pander to a base he was worried about losing; their dedication is and always has been to VOTES, not people.

Boys and girls, the word of the day is ‘heartless’.


Huh, get to work and stop tweeting? You actually expect Kamala to DO something?

The nerve.

Compared her to Trump?


She’s doing all she knows how to do, pander and hope to get elected.


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