Only the Left would find a way to make Harvey into a talking point against Ted Cruz.

And sorry folks, he’s right, Sandy WAS filled with pork for NASA, Alaska fisheries, the Smithsonian …

Of course Chris Cuomo couldn’t wait to voice his opinion on evil Cruz:

Holy crap, dude.

Just barely over 20% of the actual monies would’ve gone to aid for Sandy; perhaps the Left should stop making Cruz the villain and ask Democrats why they filled a bill to help Americans in need with garbage for their pet projects.

Did he get it wrong or was he just lying?

We think he was lying.

Because his base wouldn’t get tingles down their legs if he were honest about actually wanting to make sure people in Texas receive aid.

$150 million for Alaska fisheries.

Seems legit.

Like that’ll happen.

Shh … only Republicans play politics. Democrats do things for the greater good.


Sorry, we couldn’t write that with a straight face.


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