As Twitchy readers know, Ben Rhodes took to Twitter to justify the many pardons of Obama after Trump pardoned Arpaio. In case you forgot his smug, sanctimonious tweet (or tried to wipe it from your mind), we have it here:

Criminals who deserved empathy.



C’mon James, murderous bombers, traitors (who think they’re chicks), drug dealers and terrorists deserve empathy … right?

This is true, many of these souls who needed empathy broke the law and landed their asses right back in jail.

But tell us more about how RAD Obama’s pardons were, Ben.

Don’t you LOVE how the Left is accusing James of ‘whataboutism’ here? Dude missed the point:

Any pardon Trump makes will ALWAYS be worse than the pardons their hero Obama made.

How quickly they forget Oscar.

Aaaaand curtain.


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