Look, it’s Chelsea Manning … decked out in makeup and combat boots, threatening to step on her phone.

Welcome to peak 2017 – and you thought we couldn’t top 2016. Shame on you.

Guess she’s implying she’s going to stomp on people’s faces? No offense, Chelsea, but it’s sorta hard to be scared of you with all of those emoji in your tweet, just sayin’.

But it’s all about peace man!

Notice Chelsea is answering Ben at 2:48 in the morning … something she was just pretending was a big deal for Ben. Guess who else was up?

BOOM. Don’t mess with Ben on Jenna’s watch.

Heh. Hey, he’s only human.

Maybe not?

Editor’s note: You know when you’re writing a piece about a trans-woman getting the slapdown from a former porn star for attacking a Jew you’ve reached peak 2017.


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