Where there’s a will, there’s a way, and man … Shannon Watts will find ANY WAY to blame the NRA and Dana Loesch (who she has blocked) for any and every evil thing that happens in America.

No guns were involved in the violence that took place on Saturday in Charlottesville but lookie here:

You’d think with how much time Shannon spends stalking Dana’s timeline that she would know she HAD denounced and condemned what happened in Charlottesville.

Not to mention we didn’t see any neo-Nazis strolling around with guns during the rally.

Lobbyists wrote the Second Amendment? Who knew?

This woman is seriously certifiable.

Scary stuff indeed.


$7? Psh … you can get one of those guns that goes ‘pew pew pew’ for $2.99 at Wawa.

Note to any Leftist reading this ^ that’s a joke.

Hope she earned a big ol’ paycheck for this one because even for her it was a stretch blaming Charlottesville on guns.

But she managed to do it.


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