Earlier this week, Stephen King in all of his political wisdom, was busy making a judgement call on whether or not Trump is fit to be in office. And of course he decided he was not …

Because who better to judge the leader of the free world than an old guy who makes up stories for a living.

Ok sure, Stephen. If you say so.

*eye roll*

So it should come as NO surprise that Stephen King is front and center blaming, guess who, for Charlottesville.

Please show us where Trump said it was ok for White Nationalists to beat the crap out of anyone?


The answer is purple. Wait, the answer is no.


Shhh, they only call out the other side UNLIKE the Right that has been actively condemning these acts.

You’re asking a progressive to hold the actual people responsible instead of Trump or a political party; that ain’t gonna happen.


That escalated QUICKLY! Lefties RAGE at Lady Gaga for starting #ThisIsNotUs tag after #Charlottesville

Wait, WAT? SJWs attack Ivanka Trump for condemning racism and neo-Nazis after #Charlottesville