Seems The Simpsons is always ahead of the game, and they have been for nearly 30 years.

Wonder why this Simpson’s episode didn’t trigger the SJW brigade like the #GoogleMemo did …


Poor Principal Skinner, he can’t make any of those angry women happy no matter what he says.

Talk about hitting the nail on the HEAD!

‘Just tell me what to say!’

And then they get mad at him for asking them to tell him what to say.

There is no winning with that group.

We are the same but different and that’s a good thing or a bad thing.

Wonder if SJWs realize how ridiculous they look to normal people?

Which is also spot on when describing the movement.

Best part is Lisa’s reaction to the new ‘principal’ and how she talked about math and feelings. That is how most women feel when they see the ridiculousness that has become diversity.

Thank goodness it was.


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