Think people on both sides of the aisle can agree that this new DOJ asset forfeiture policy is some serious BS …

But for the daughter of the president who only made asset forfeiture worse in 2000 to pretend she’s super concerned about it now is just obnoxious.

Thinking Chelsea Clinton should probably avoid any and all references to Orwell. Just sayin’.

In fact, any and all Clintons should avoid such references.

Wait, they should avoid tweeting in general – yeah, that’s it.


The very worst sort of asset forfeiture, right there.

But people NEED her to speak out on stuff even when it’s clear she’s clueless about it.

She’s been busy making spinach pancakes, duh.

It’s like people on the Left think politics started in 2009 … no ability to look further back and realize the mistakes their own party has been making for decades. Heck, these folks still think Lincoln was a Democrat.

Told ya’.


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