After the Women’s March ‘celebrated’ cop-killer and wanted terrorist, Assata Shakur, social media EXPLODED condemning the movement for supporting a woman who had been convicted of killing a cop. They apparently felt so put-upon that they went into a 20-tweet-filled-storm about how it was OK for them to promote a monster because she was a woman.

Marc Lamont Hill seems to have a special place in his heart for Shakur as well:

Seems that way.

Right. Arguing that a woman who killed a cop isn’t a hero is such a dumb argument.


Keep telling yourself that.

Well that makes it TOTALLY better.

Indeed, Hill seems to have a history of supporting cop killers:


See Hill.

Oh yeah, that tidbit. Hill can’t even claim this is a racism thing since Obama’s admin was the one that put Shakur on the Most Wanted List.

Convicted. Key word.

And he’s not just explaining, he’s OVER explaining.

Because Cuba is RAD.


CNN sure can pick ’em.


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