It’s Independence Day, so of course Salon released a ridiculous anti-American piece of garbage shaming the greatest country the world has even known because it’s what they do for clicks. No one was overly shocked because Salon has a pathetic history of releasing awful stories on patriotic holidays …

That being said, every once in awhile you see an unpatriotic tweet that makes even Salon seem less disgusting.

Take for instance this crap tweet from “journalist” Matt Taibbi (who we’ve honestly never heard of until today):


So is Matt saying the Founders would have decided against freedom because we might end up with a president Lefties don’t like?


Us too.

Well of course, progressives love and worship big government, and it doesn’t get much bigger than authoritarianism.

Even Lefties thought he’d been dropped on his head though:

And of course Conservatives just nuked this guy:

It’s like these folks are in some sort of bizarre competition to see who can say the dumbest crap on Independence Day.

Sorry Salon, you lose this year.


And they’d never stop throwing up if they saw Hillary “Why Am I Not 50 Points Ahead” Clinton, but even THEN they’d have supported and fought for the freedom far too many people take for granted.

Like Matt here.


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