Poor Marcella Arguello … it seems her tweet about being okay with ‘old ass conservative white men’ being shot hasn’t exactly worked out so well for her:

As Twitchy reported earlier this week, on the afternoon of the Alexandria shooting, when the world wasn’t sure if Scalise would survive his wounds, Marcella tweeted that she would be ok with a few ‘old ass conservative white men’ being shot if that passed gun control.

What a sweetheart, right? Wouldn’t be surprised to see this on a few Christmas cards this year …

She is clearly the real victim here. *eye roll*

When will these people figure out that free speech doesn’t mean there won’t be consequences if you say something really stupid?

And BOY HOWDY, that was really stupid.

If anything, Arguello provided a strong argument for WHY people need to keep carrying, especially ‘old ass conservative white men.’


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